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Working with a videographer on your wedding day

While every wedding is beautiful (well, most) there are some small things you should look into before working with a videographer. These small tips will help your wedding highlight video turn out beautiful and even more cinematic. While working with a Videographer like Julian or Elizabeth from Elysia Films will ensure you have a professional on the scene. The foreknowledge and some minor preparation always helps in the long run.

LETTERS: I always love when couples write letters to each other for the wedding day. If you choose to write letters, we definitely need to set aside a few minutes in a quiet place for me to record audio of you reading the letter you wrote. This personal addition to your video, and hearing from both of you adds depth to the story. We can also include video footage of each of you reading your respective card to show while we hear them! One note, make sure you keep a copy of the letter you wrote, whether that’s a digital copy of the text, or a picture of the letter, that way you can have it easily on-hand for the audio recording.

ROMANTIC SESSION: This is your day and your story, so the more time we have to capture beautiful shots of you two interacting, the better! This is where I can SHOW the personal connection between you. The more time we have for these shots, the better!

PERSONAL VOWS: I always love personal vows, but even if you choose traditional vows, make sure when you're saying them during the ceremony that you project your voice and stand close to each other. I will have a microphone to capture audio from both of you. If you do have personal vows or have personalized the traditional vows we will pre-record these as well, in case a baby cries, a plane goes by or some other noise interrupts the ceremony. One quick tip is to create a document with your vows and/or letter on your cell phone or tablet so you can read off of it. This also helps eliminate any paper rustle during recording!

TOASTS/SPEECHES: Again this is another thing that can really add a lot to your film. I encourage you to have a few toasts during the reception from people who are close to you and know you both well. This will help greatly in telling your story.

BREATHE: I saved the most important thing for last. Remember to take time now and on your wedding day to breathe. The moments will go by quickly so soak them in as much as you can. And have fun! This is a celebration!

I am sure you're very excited about your wedding! If you're ready to book a videographer fill out our contact form and we will be in touch! We offer award winning wedding films and video coverage for your special day.

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